Self-Drilling Screws for Metal: 7 Features that Simplify Projects

What are SelfDrilling Screws for Metal?

Self-drilling screws for metal are specialized fasteners designed to penetrate and attach materials like metal without the need for pre-drilling a hole. They are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and DIY projects where attaching metal to metal or metal to other materials is required.

Self Drilling Screws for Metal_BDN Fasteners

Below are some of the key features of self-drilling screws for metal, all of which are BDN Fastenerss specialty, and which we are constantly in development and improving upon.

7 Key Features of SelfDrilling Screws for Metal

1. Design:

The screws listed under the category: METAL-Tite™ Self-Drilling screws on our website says it all. BDN Fasteners offer a full range of Australian AS3566 Standard self-drilling screws for metal in various coating options to cope with different environments, with the highest quality product at a competitive price.

METAL-Tite™ Self-Drilling screws

2. Drilling Tip:

The tip of a self-drilling screw is pointed and has a sharp cutting edge. This allows the screw to penetrate and drill through metal surfaces.

The shape and angle of the tip is critical to the pin-pointing and drilling performance of the whole “Self-Drilling” process, and differs from category to category (i.e. where the screws are designed to be used).

BDN Fasteners’s proprietary drilling tip designs include Dual-Edge®, Thunder-Shot, patented Trident-Point, and V-Drill, all of which have been designed for specific self-drilling screws for metal.

3. Threads:

Self-drilling screws have threads that grip and secure the material, preventing the screw from loosening over time.

Threads play a huge part in the actual grip of the screws when connecting substrates.

A general rule of thumb is coarse threads for thin and fine threads for thick, heavier duty connections.  Different thread designs also aid in the connection strength and pullout values of the screws.

4. Flutes:

Many self-drilling screws have fluted or grooved shanks. These flutes help to remove debris and chips from the hole as the screw is driven into the material.

5. Materials:

Self-drilling screws are available in various materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and coating finishes. Choosing the right material is important to ensure corrosion resistance and longevity, especially in outdoor or corrosive environments.

BDN Fasteners use the best corrosion resistant coatings available on the market; customers may choose different levels of finishes to meet their requirements.

6. Head Types:

Self-drilling screws come in different head types, including hex, pan, flat, bugle, countersunk, truss head and more. The choice of head type depends on the aesthetic and functional requirements of the project.

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7. Swarf Clearing:

In order for self-drilling screws for metal to drill a hole fast and efficiently, not only does the drilling-tip have to be sharp and precise, but what happens immediately after the drilling commence is equally important.

The swirls and debris shaved off from metal are what we call “Swarf”.

An efficient and successful drilling can only be realized if swarf is cleared out as fast as the drilling tip is making the hole.  Swarf leftover in the holes builds up heat from all the drilling-tip spinning, which creates more heat and eventually clogs up the hole.

An unskilled worker who continues to drill-drive with force and increased RPM’s will eventually burn out the tip and fail to drill through.

Simplify Your Metal Projects with BDN Fasteners

Selfdrilling screws for metal offer versatility and efficiency for diverse projects. Opt for BDN Fasteners for premium choices and enhance your project efficiency. To achieve optimal results, always select the appropriate screws and adhere to safety guidelines. Simplify your metalwork with BDN Fasteners today! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: When using self-drilling screws for metal, it’s important to follow BDN Fasteners’s recommendations and guidelines for the specific type of screw you are using. Additionally, wearing appropriate safety gear, such as eye protection and gloves, is recommended when working with metal and power tools.