Collated vs. Uncollated Screws: What’s the Best Fastener?

Collated vs Uncollated, what is the difference between collated and uncollated screws? We’ll start by making a brief summary of what collated and uncollated screws are, which is mentioned in detail in the article What are collated screws?

What does Collated & Uncollated screws mean?

Collated Screws are sequence of screws joined together by embedding into a strip of flexible and durable piece of plastic.  Collated strips, when ready to use, are fed through a dedicated drywall screw gun, or screw gun collated attachment, which then allows the user begin to drill in drive in succession. Uncollated screws, as its name suggests, are the uncollated version of the same type of screws, packed loose in trade packs or cartons.

Collated screws, as with all BDN Fasteners, come in different sizes and specifications.

BDN Fasteners - Collated Screws

To us, “What’s the Best Fastener” is an incomplete question, as BDN Fasteners has always been offering the best fasteners in our field.  “What’s the Best Fastener for the job” will probably be a better question, and one that would actually help in choosing the correct products and tools for the task.

Advantages of Collated & Uncollated Screws

The advantages of collated screws have always speed, efficiency and productivity, which adds up to huge time and labor savings on large-scale projects, but in terms of accuracy and precision, nothing beats the classic, piece by piece installation, though seasoned die-hard collated screws users might object to this notion.

An important advantage of uncollated over collated screws is versatility.  It is definitely easier to access tight corners, because no matter how slim the collated mechanism is designed, it still requires a stable platform and space for the extended screw gun/screw gun attachment length.

Needless to say, when doing a collated vs. uncollated screws comparison, each has their own drawback, and the best fastener is always one that helps to complete the job properly.

Collated vs. Uncollated Screws

In a nutshell, the difference between collated vs. uncollated screws can be summarized as this:

Collated Screws

Collated Screws


  • Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Time and labor savings for large-scale projects.
  • Enhanced accuracy and precision during installation.
  • Cost-effectiveness for high-volume projects.

Uncollated Screws

Uncollated Screws


  • Versatility and flexibility.
  • Cost-effectiveness for small-scale projects and budget constrained users.
  • Can be installed using readily available tools.
  • Higher precision and accuracy when installing.