6 Benefits of Using Roofing Screws with Rubber Washer

As a Taiwanese manufacturer of self-drilling screws, which are mainly used on a variety of roofing applications, BDN Fasteners always recommend using roofing screws with Eco-Green EPDM Rubber Washers during installation.

BDN Eco-Green EPDM Washer (BDN Fasteners)

Benefits of Using Roofing Screws with Rubber Washers

The benefits of using roofing screws with rubber washers can be narrowed down to the following 6 major points.

1. Sealing protection.  

First and foremost, our Eco-Green EPDM roofing screws with rubber washers prevents leaks.  The leaking of anything within a building, be it gas, water, power, etc.…is always a dreadful if not frightening problem which more often than not, take a lot of time and effort to solve.  The rubber washers on roofing screws, when chosen and installed correctly, should completely seal off the drilled hole on the roofing sheet, and provide a perfect weather sealed surface against the elements.

Properly Driven Screw - BDN Fasteners (Eco-BDN Green Washer)

2. Better load distribution. 

The Eco-Green EPDM roofing screws with rubber washers on BDN roofing screws acts as a cushion between the screw flange and metal roofing sheets, which helps distribute pressure from the fastener.

3. Vibration damping.

In the case of high winds or excessive vibrations cause by earthquakes for example, this layer of cushion allows roofing sheets to release stress through slight flexion.

4. Minimize abrasion.

One of the inherent properties of roofing screws with rubber washers is its nonabrasive qualities.  Roofing sheets always come color coated and without rubber washers between the roofing sheets and roofing screws, coatings on both will damage immediately upon contact, exposing the metal to the elements and start rusting in no time.

5. Anti-Static.

The Eco-Green EPDM roofing screws with rubber washers on BDN roofing screws are dielectric, meaning they provide excellent protection from electrical currents, ozone, and sunlight.  Being dielectric means that there is also less chance of galvanic corrosion – a corrosion damage that occurs when two dissimilar metals are electronically connected.

6. Durability.

Polyvinyl Chloride, known commercially as PVC, is another commonly used material for roofing screw washers, is lighter, more affordable and normally used on budget friendly zinc or yellow zinc plated roofing screws.  However, due to PVC being stiffer and less durable compared to EPDM, which is why we strongly recommend going with BDN Eco-Green EPDM roofing screws with rubber washers, for durability and longevity.

While the overall expenditure on screws is only a small portion of the whole roof, they are in fact detrimental to the durability of the sheets; there is no better reason than to choose roofing screws that will match, if not outlast, the lifespan of the roofing sheets they are affixed to.

BDN Green EPDM Washer - Technical Specification