Tai-One Enterprise & BDN Fasteners® hereby declare


In light of recent rumors from certain companies declaring affiliation

with Tai-One Enterprise or BDN Fasteners®, we hereby announce:

  • Tai-One Company is the sole authorized agent and distributor of BDN Fasteners® in Thailand and in no way affiliated with other brands and products.


  • BDN Fasteners® is a trademarked brand in both Taiwan and Thailand.


  • All of the BDN Fasteners® branded products sold by Tai-One Enterprise are manufactured, packed, quality checked, and imported directly from our factory in Taiwan.  BDN Fasteners® Taiwan holds all of the patents, intellectual property rights and export records to be provided upon request should the need arise.


  • All BDN Fasteners® goods imported by Tai-One Enterprise are legally compliant with the Thailand import rules and regulations; while all sales and services are VAT invoiced and provided to customers.


We thank you for the trust and support of Tai-One Enterprise and BDN Fasteners®. Kindly call us for more information and verification should you hear any rumors that differ from this announcement.


Tai-One Enterprise & BDN Fasteners® hereby declare the above information are true and correct.


Tai-One Enterprise & BDN Fasteners® hereby declare

Tai-One Enterprise & BDN Fasteners – DECLARATION