What are collated screws? Difference between Loose and Collated Screws

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What are collated screws Collated screws are screws that are held together with a durable plastic strip designed to fit perfectly into all leading brand auto-feed screw-guns.  The collating process is fully automated to ensure that the screws and plastic strip are mated perfectly to prevent jamming in the auto feeder system.

Look up the word collate on any dictionary and you’ll see the definition – “bring together”.   One of the most common collated screw types are bugle head drywall screws. Bugle head drywall screws are used to secure drywall sheets to ceiling joists, wall studs, wood, metal tracks and more.

BDN Collated Screws - Packaging

Difference between Loose Screws and Collated Screw Packaging

What are collated screws, and what differs between collated, and loose, uncollated bugle head drywall screws?  The difference is not in the screws themselves, but how the screws are presented.

Depending on the target customer, loose screws are normally packaged in either small boxes or blister packs, which are then packaged into larger bulk cartons.

Collated screws however, are often rolled and packed neatly in tubs or laid flat in wide boxes, which are easy to carry around and handle.


While single screws systems can be operated with a simple screwdriver or electric drywall screwdriver for the average do-it-yourself type person, it may not be as cost effective when hundreds or even thousands have to be installed every day for professional builders, especially when they are trying to fish out screws from small boxes or blister packs.

Difference between Loose Screws and Collated Screw Installation

Before the invention of collated screws and automatic feeding screwdrivers, handling loose screws presented a challenge to installers while they positioned drywalls with one hand, and then tried to place the screws perpendicular to the drywall, driving them, but not over-driving them with the other.

This is where collated screws really shine.

Drywall contractors were overjoyed with the introduction of the auto-feed system, which came in the form of either an attachment to a standard loose screw-gun, or a dedicated screw-gun system with an integrated, oftentimes adjustable, auto-feeder. Auto-feed systems not only increased speed (up to four times faster than installing loose screws) and efficiency, but also improved workplace safety. Gone are the days of fumbling clumsily through bulk packages, fighting to keep screws to stay on top of the Philips drive bit, while balancing your arm over the drywall trying to pinpoint the drill and drive location.

BDN Fasteners - Collated Screws

BDN Collated Screws

BDN Fasteners is proud to announce that we’ve now added collated bugle head screws in fine and coarse thread options to our product line.

Kindly check the attached DM and introduction video link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruz1Eu23gIg

With 100% Made in Taiwan being an inherent part of the BDN Fasteners DNA, our collated screws are no different – everything from the screws to the collating of strips are all done in our facilities.