Tek Screws for Thick Steel

There will come a time when you will encounter a seemingly impossible task, a piece of steel so thick and heavy duty that even your already awesome BDN No.3 point TEK screws in the toolkit cannot handle.  There will come a time when you the piece of steel in front of you may be tagged as “mild steel”, but in fact is composed of complex, unevenly distributed alloys, which creates a big challenge for regular self-drilling tips, and almost impenetrable.


One of the most important job a self-drilling screw has to muster, is clearing out excess material, or swarf, while drilling.  Having a hardened drilling point and sharp cutting blades only helps with the initial drill and drive, but without a flute long enough and designed correctly to bring out the excess during the spiraling action, iron shavings left in the hole are heated easily from all the spinning, causing the drill to burn out.  Once this happens, there is little to no chance of penetration with the screw, and you’ll have to start all over again.


A lot of big brand names are marketing their screws as either self- as TEK screws for thick steel, heavy duty self-drilling metal screws, or self-drilling screws for thick steel, capable of drilling through 12.5mm steel and above, though not many can perform as advertised.


Not for BDN METAL-Tite™ Heavy Section Fasteners.  Ours perform flawlessly, without fail.


Self-Drilling Screws METAL-Tite™ – HEAVY SECTION(No5)-BDN Fasteners® Made in Taiwan


BDN METAL-Tite™ heavy section, penetrates 12.5mm thick steel with ease.  The patented Thunder-Shot drill point prevents wandering during the initial drill drive, clears out swarf swiftly and efficiently.  The whole screw is coated with BN3 silver coating, which consists of multiple layers of specially formulated, corrosion resistant chemicals, and can easily withstand 1000hrs of salt spray test (ASTM B117), and 7 Kesternich cycles (DIN50018 2.0 SFW).


BDN METAL-Tite™ heavy section screws are also offered in a special 16mm thick steel penetration version.  Designed to not only drill through thick, hardened, or complex alloy steel, but can also pass stringent 1mm + 2mm + 9mm, and 2mm + 12mm penetration tests.  The most demanding part of these two tests is to withstand the impact force on the drilling tip when it passes through the first and/or second sheet, and hits the final thick hardened layer of steel.  Imagine the wear and tear, plus heat buildup of the drilling tip during the first and/or second process.  Nevertheless, BDN Heavy duty self-drilling metal screws pass these two stringent tests with flying colors.



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